Empress Organics Baby Wash Gel

Babies’ skin is fragile and delicate, it needs specific care to ensure hydration and long-lasting protection on a daily basis. Empress Organics have designed a complete range of hygiene and plant based products for babies and children to help maintain healthy skin. We give parents a solution that actually works for their babies’ sensitive skin, without compromising on safety or sustainability. How do we do that? With ingredients that are gentle, 100% clean, organic and nontoxic.

Our Baby Shampoo & Wash is formulated with plant derived certified organic ingredients to gently cleanse and leave your baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy without the artificial ingredients found in most conventional shampoos and washes. This special formula made with Aloe, Calendula, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter forms a rich and creamy lather to provide baby with a clean, soft feeling all over without drying out the skin because of its moisturizing agents.

This tear-free formula is specially designed to clean the hair and scalps of babies with eczema-prone skin that rinses clean and soothes your baby from head to toe. Our Baby Wash & Shampoo is formulated to be gentle enough to use every day and safe for delicate newborns and babies' sensitive skin. 

  • Pediatrician and dermatologist recommended.
  • Hypoallergenic: specially formulated to be gentle and minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Our formula allows for a tear-free experience and is gentle to the eyes.
  • Certified Organic and Vegan Ingredients
  • No parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes and none of the ingredients or organisms are genetically modified.

Directions: Wet baby’s hair and skin with warm water, apply baby wash with a washcloth. Gently massage and wash thoroughly over entire body and scalp, then rinse. Apply our baby body butter or baby oil after.

Add a capful to baby's bath water to create a relaxing bath time experience.

Our regimen of Baby Body Wash and Skin Care Essentials includes our specially formulated:

  • Baby Wash Gel & Bubble Bath
  • Baby Wash Foam & Shampoo
  • Baby Body Butters (Eczema Body Butter, Lavender & Chamomile Body Butter, Raw Shea/ Coconut Oil & Coco Body Butter)
  • Baby Oil & Eczema Relief Baby Oil

For a complete eczema-prone skin regimen, use Baby Wash Gel & Shampoo in combination with Eczema Body Butter or Eczema Relief Baby Oil.


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