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Chamomile is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the western world. Many people drink chamomile tea for its relaxation properties and calming effects on the digestive system. The dried flowers of the chamomile plant contain terpenoids and flavonoids, which lend themselves to the plant’s medicinal properties. Terpenoids are organic chemicals—naturally produced by plants—that are thought to provide the specific strain from which the plant gets its unique smell and flavor. Flavonoids are very strong antioxidants with immune system benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile can reduce swelling and have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

Roman Chamomile may be best known for its hypnotic properties, which promote relaxation and may help induce sleep. An study found that chamomile offered hypnotic effects, decreasing the amount of time required to fall asleep. Chamomile also has very strong antioxidant properties that are thought to help strengthen the immune system. Chamomile is said to help fight the common cold and other infections. 

Main Benefits

• Promotes relaxation

• Boosts immune system

• Soothes gastrointestinal system

Benefits Of Chamomile Oil

1. Good For Acne And Eczema:

Put an end to the painful conditions of acne with a dab of this oil. Your inflammation and redness vanishes, plus you will be able to enjoy a scar-free skin. It is also a sought after natural antidote for eczema like skin conditions.

2. Eases Skin Rashes And Scarring:

Apply 3-4 drops of chamomile oil on your skin. This calms any kind of irritation your skin might be experiencing. Along with hydrating and moisturizing your skin, it also adds radiance. It is also known to be effective in healing sun burns. Add a few drops to you bath or do a cold compress with this oil infused water for quicker healing.

3. Makes Skin Young, Moisturized And Blemish-Free:

Get rid of dark circles hampering the beauty of your eyes with the regular application of this essential oil. It eases the blemishes and evens the skin tone. It has skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties, which in turn keeps your skin young and refreshing.

5. Natural Anti-dandruff Agent:

Chamomile is an effective natural solution for hair lice and dandruff. In addition, it also soothes the irritated scalp. It hydrates the scalp, thus eases the associated irritation and itching.

6. Moisturizes And Softens Hair:

Known for its nerve soothing properties, chamomile oil easily qualifies as wonderful oil to nourish the hair and scalp. It is effective on dry and brittle hair. It retains the moisture level and strengthens the hair from within, leaving behind soft and strong tresses.

Chamomile Oil Benefits For Health

Here are top health benefits of chamomile oil in many ways.

7. Natural Antidepressant:

The mesmerizingly sweet aroma of this oil calms you down and helps you relax. It lifts your mood and leaves you rejuvenated. Known for its tranquilizing and sedating properties, the Roman variant has been used during pre-natal massages to help the expecting mother relax. When used with lemon grass oil, the nerve soothing properties help in calming down the hyperactive children.

8. Analgesic:

Bid adieu to your life-hampering arthritis pain with this oil. Dab a little warm oil in the affected region and give a gentle massage to improve circulation, and to ease inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Those who suffer from headaches due to cold, sinusitis, and migraine can also rely on this oil for quicker relief. A steam inhalation with this oil can decongest the chest and unclog the stuffy nose. It also acts as a febrifuge and aids in faster recovery from fever.

9. Antidote For Stomach Disorders:

This oil is known to have a positive impact on assorted stomach disorders, including gastrointestinal issues, diarrhea, constipation, and even gallstones. It improves the digestive powers and relieves the gas accumulated in the abdomen. It is a good cure for bloating. Its antiseptic properties allow the oil to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the gut, keeping you safe from various gastrointestinal disorders.

10. Good For Central Nervous System:

Conditioning the central nervous system, it maintains the health of the CNS. It helps the CNS to work efficiently and prevent uninvited health conditions.

11. Helpful For Sciatica And Painful Conditions:

Is your back pain troubling you? Just warm a little German chamomile oil and apply it on the affected area. If it is a sciatica-induced pain, then Roman variant would be the right choice. A massage with the oil soothes the sciatic nerve. Make sure you apply the oil on the lower back, hips, as well as the legs.

12. Helps Babies To Sleep:

Children, especially infants give you a tough time when it comes to sleep time. A massage with this oil is known to induce sleep in infants. You can add 3 to 4 drops of this oil to the baby oil and massage your little one with this oil, and then a warm water bath. It soothes the senses and calms them down, thus triggering the sleep hormones.

13. Beneficial For Women:

Roman chamomile oil is an effective emmenagogue. Women experiencing pre-menstrual and menopausal troubles can take the help of this oil. It eases the breast tenderness. Its anti-depressant nature helps combat mood swings in a better way. A warm bath with few drops of this oil is known to alleviate menstrual pain.

14. Keeps Kidneys And Urinary TractClean:

A rich diuretic, it cleanses the urinary tract, kidneys, and blood by inducing more flow of blood and urination. Kidneys and blood, when detoxified, work in a better way, thwarting unwanted medical conditions.

15. Safeguards From Cardiovascular Conditions:

German Camomile oil is an admirable vasoconstrictor. Thus, it helps in lowering and maintaining the blood pressure levels. This, in turn, prevents blood vessel constriction, lowering the risk of assorted cardiovascular conditions, including myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, and stroke.

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