Cinnabrite Wand also known as Cinnabar

  • Handmade Supply
  • Material: Cinnabrite
  • 5.5 - 6 inches long, 1 inch widest end

Cinnabar stimulates dignity, vitality and power. It can be very beneficial in the world of business and finance. Cinnabar helps to attract abundance. Placing Cinnabar in one's cash box has produced an increase in income to the holder and can also help maintain the acquisition of wealth. Cinnabar aids in community work, helping to remember that "to give is Divine". Cinnabar connects one with the source of all being.

Physically, Cinnabar can assist in treating sexual dysfunction and infertility, used to support treatment of blood disorders and in the treating of fungal and viral infections. It is also an excellent stone for extracting energy blockages.This is a stone that brings mystic physic vision, and it has a powerful resonance that assists the awakening of your spiritual potential. It has powerful metaphysical properties within the third eye chakra, and this strong vibration may create the conditions required to aid your life to progress in alignment with Divine Will.

Your creative gifts resonate from within your sacral chakra, and this stone has a strong energy that may enhance your creativity. The third eye chakra strongly relates to inspired thinking and access to your innate inner knowledge. This crystal will link the third eye chakra with the lower chakra, specifically the sacral chakra and base chakra, and this stones ability to link these chakras is very powerful. It has powerful metaphysical properties that encourage you to think in a more inspired and spiritually creative way. This connection between the spiritual world and the physical world makes this a potent stone. By bringing spiritual insights from your third eye to the lower chakras, they may be brought into physical reality, to manifest ideals, and to manifest money.

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