Black Salt, Protection Salt, Lava Salt

Black Salt is a powerful ritual component used for cleansing, protection against negative energies, removing jinxes, curses, hex breaking, keeping away evil and banishing.

Suggested Use:

Sprinkle Black Salt across doorways and windows after a spiritual house cleansing to protect your property. Black Salt clears away negative energy. Sprinkle it on the floor and then sweep it out the door with intention. Lay a line of it across your threshold to keep out unwanted energies and people.

Fill a small offering bowl with warm water. Take a pinch of Black Salt + add it to the water in the offering bowl. Set it on your altar as an intention + wish for protection, guidance, and healthy boundaries.

Take a Bay Leaf. With a pen, write a wish or intention on the face of the leaf. Ignite the Bay Leaf and let it burn in your cauldron. Add a pinch of Black Salt to the burn to ensure that your intention reaches the ancestors + guides safely. Also, to let go of any energy that may negatively affect your intention.

Take a pinch of Black Salt + add to your medicine pouch or crystal bag. This will keep your crystals energetically clean + brings clarity to your day. You can make it into a little mojo bag if needed as it absorbs negative energy and carry for protection. Can be useful in ritual circles and spell work to empower your magic.

So many different uses - combine with other herbs or essential oils for spell jars, keep a bag under your pillow, in your office desk or car, keep in small bowls around the house...and more!

Black Salt absorbs negative energy so its a great idea to change our your salt every few weeks. Dig it into the ground, burn it or wash it away - and start over with new fresh material.

Please be aware that this is NOT salt to be consumed and it may cause stains on clothing, carpets, etc. - RITUAL USE ONLY.

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