Empress Organics Extra Strength Plant Based Feminine Wash

Our extra strength plant based feminine wash was designed to help you on your PH challenging days. This wash is great for those that are prone to yeast infections and BV. Great to use during your monthly cycle and before and after sex.

Empress Organics All-natural, Vegan feminine wash is crafted with organic plant-based ingredients. Our Yoni Wash has Organic ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy PH Balance, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections.

Our yoni wash helps to wash your lady parts, to restore the elasticity of the vagina, reduce itchiness resulting from yeast infection, remove foul smell of the vagina, counters vaginal discharge, and bacterial vaginosis.

*PH Balanced Formula
*100% Natural - Chemical Free
*No Paraben No Glycerin Free
*No Artificial Fragrance
*Gynecologist love this!

*GMO free

Empress Organics Feminine Wash is a Gentle wash made with organic aloe, lavender, tea tree & coconut oil. Our gentle formula eliminate odor and bad bacteria while leaving you fresh & clean.

Boost your confidence with every shower using Empress Organics Feminine wash. It's odor block protection formula made with organic ingredients, helps prevent odors while keeping your PH balanced. Our feminine wash is made without harsh chemicals and has anti fungal properties that reduce infection symptoms. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Directions: Wet area, apply 1-2 pumps to your wash cloth or onto your hand. Wash the external parts of the vulvar area and rinse thoroughly. For external use only. Safe and gentle enough for daily use.

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