Feminine Wash Deluxe Giftset (5 Items $80)

Looking for organic feminine care products for yourself or your loved ones? This gift set has everything you need to give love and care to your body. Each set includes plant-derived intimate care products that rejuvenate the skin, counter bad odor, and keep you moisturised and fresh throughout the day.

Each gift set includes:

  • Everyday Feminine Wash (8 oz)
  • Extra Strength Feminine Wash (8 oz)
  • Feminine Wash Gel (8 oz)
  • Feminine Spray (4 oz)
  • Yoni Oil (4 oz)

Organic Feminine Care Products (5 Pc Gift Set)

This is the perfect package for all-around self-care. It includes organic feminine care products that are completely skin-friendly and safe to use because of their gentle plant-based ingredients.

The gift set includes our select range of the best natural feminine wash. Our natural feminine wash is best for everyday use. Use it to keep your intimate skin smooth, supple, and germ-free.

 Our extra strength feminine was designed to help you on your PH challenging days. This wash is best for those that are prone to yeast infections and BV.

Unwind and boost your confidence with every shower using Empress Organics Feminine Wash Gel. Because of its mild, plant-based formula, the gel feels like a soft caress.

Empress Organics Feminine Spray is one of the best organic feminine care products for those with sensitive skin. That’s because each spray bottle is made with love and mild-acting organic ingredients that reduce inflammation, combat bacterial buildup, and soothe the skin.

Empress Yoni Oil was made to nourish your skin while enhancing your sexual pleasure. Use our yoni oil to proactively support a healthy pH balance and restore natural vaginal flora. Made with USDA certified organic ingredients, this yoni oil will aid in the reduction of dryness, itching, chafing, inflammation, and irritation of the vulvar skin and surrounding area.


All the organic feminine care products included in this gift set are made from plant-based ingredients.


  • Natural Feminine Wash:

Step 1: Wet Area

Step 2: Apply 1-2 pumps to your hand or a soft washcloth

Step 3: Wash the external parts of the vulvar area

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly and pat dry using a soft towel

*Keep out of the reach of children, for external use only

  • Feminine Care Spray:

Step 1: Shake the spray bottle well

Step 2: Spray 3-4 pumps on the external vaginal area, undergarments, pads, or pantyliners

Tip: Spray after a shower, before intimacy, after urination, after heavy perspiration, or anytime to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

  • Yoni Oil:

After a shower or gentle wash with our best feminine wash, apply a few drops to the intimate area twice a day, or as much as needed to invigorate the senses, relax the body, and support a smooth sexual experience for you and your partner - Made for daily use

Safety Information:

Keep out of the reach of children.  For external usage only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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