Hematite is composed of iron oxide it occurs as thin scale, layer or lens like crystals. Hematite is coloured black or reddish-black, is opaque and metallic, with a silvery-gray shine when polished. Some hematite can be mixed with other materials such as jasper which creates nicely banded patterns. Hematite unifies scattered feelings, encourages mental clarity and helps with concentration. It is therefore particularly useful for students or others that have to focus for long periods of time and remember lots of information.

It also can work as a sleep aid. When used in meditation, it encourages will power and boldness. It restores equilibrium and stability and brings your awareness to the physical body to help maintain a unified sense of self. Hematite can also be used at the base of the spine to support the kidneys and spleen. This stone helps in tissue regeneration and can benefit those who need to emotionally recharge and regroup after experiencing trauma, childbirth or an intense period of change. If placed in the centre of a room, it can aid in balancing and grounding.

Hematite is particularly effective as a grounding and protecting stone. It harmonises the mind, body and spirit. This stone has a strong yang (male, right side of the body) element and as such it balances the meridians and redresses yin (female, left side of the body) imbalances. Hematite dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering. It restores peace and harmony into the body. Hematite is beneficial in legal situations. This stone supports timid women, boosts self-esteem and survivability. It enhances will power and reliability. Hematite removes useless self limitations and aids expansion. It is a stone for overcoming compulsions and addictions.

Hematite brings attention to unfulfilled desires. It will help control over eating and smoking. Hematite will help you understand that a mistake is just that and not a crisis. It will stimulate concentration and focus. This stone will help your understanding of mathematics and other technical subjects. Hematite has a powerful connection with the blood and it can draw excess heat from the body.It enhances memory and original thought. Hematite brings attention to basic survival needs and helps to sort out problems of all kinds. Physically hematite heals leg ulcers, low blood pressure, intestinal problems, iron deficiency, circulation problems and pregnancy.