Herbal Tightening Yoni Wand

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  • 5 inches x 1 inches (WE NO LONGER INCLUDE CLOTH WITH WAND)

Empress Organics Vaginal Tightening Wand is made from unique, pure, and selected natural herbs and plants abundantly found in Madura Island in Indonesia, helping moisturize, tighten and revitalize your vagina. 

The natural healing wand properties derive from its 100% pure, natural, unique ingredients, extracted from rare herbs that have been tried and tested to ensure purity and quality. These herbs have been purified and standardized to ensure product performance, safety, quality, and consistency.

Do not risk your health by using home remedies or synthetic-based tightening products. Feel great knowing that your vagina is clean and healthy while enjoying a better sexual life. 

What Will Our Herbal Tightening Yoni Wand Do for You?

You will feel tighter after using it that you will regain your past confidence knowing and feeling that your vagina is clean and healthy while enjoying a better sexual life.


  1. For first time usage, wet the wand, the wand is fragile do DO NOT soak in water. Wash it with care.
  2. Cleanse your hands and the vaginal area using the best natural feminine wash you can find and pat dry.
  3. Relax and make yourself comfortable. For smooth insertion, always wet the vagina tightening stick or use raw coconut oil. Slowly insert the wet and slippery rod into the vagina. About 3 /4 of the length of the wand should go in.
  4. Rotate the wand for 1 to 2 minutes before removing it. Because of its powerful ingredients, do not leave the wand in the vagina for longer than 2 minutes as it can dry and stick to the walls of the vagina.
  5. Gently move the wand left and right as you SLOWLY drag it out of the vagina.
  6. Remove and rinse the wand under room-temperature water, dry with a towel, roll on a piece of cotton fabric you have at home, and store in a dry place. Do not clean the wand with soaps or detergents as they are unnecessary and will have an adverse effect on the natural ingredients of the wand. Keep dry when not in use. Discard after using for 3 months. The wand will get smaller after every use.

FOR TIGHTENING: To enhance sexual stimulation, insert the wand one hour before sex for one minute for a maximum tightening effect.

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