Organic Alfalfa Leaf

Has anti-fungal properties, help to improve skin tone, hot flashes, and other menopause symptoms. Help with cardiovascular, nervous system, and digestive issues. It was used to treat diabetes in people with poorly functioning thyroid gland. There is also evidence in animal and cell studies that components in alfalfa leaf may lower cholesterol and have anti fungal effects. Alfalfa has important uses in counteracting the effect of cancer chemotherapy. White blood including granulocytes, leukocytes, and T cells, is the body's first line defense in infection. Alfalfa extracts may increase these white cells by as much as 60 percent. Alfalfa leaf tablets have protein and vitamins A, D, E, and K, it's also a good source chlorophyll and carotene. The leaves contain eight essential amino acids. Endometriosis- Doctors prescribe synthetic form of estrogen in the form of birth control to treat endometriosis, natural plant hormones are related to estrogen.
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