Sea Moss Gel Wildcrafted

Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel is made to order, please allow 5-7 days to prepare and freeze before Sea Moss is shipped. Comes in 8 oz & 16 oz

 Sea Moss Benefits:
*It strengthens the bones and the brain. *It also clears out the mucus in the lungs, ideal for someone who smokes or smoked a lot.
*Clears out the lungs in order for more oxygen to be inhaled which helps those with severe Asthma. *Aides in better and healthier reproduction pertaining to fertility. *Builds up sperm and eggs.
*Filters out germs and bacteria during blood circulation.
*The most common cause of Thyroid Abnormalities is Iodine Deficiency, Sea Moss is highly abundant in Iodine, directly feeding the Thyroid. *Speeds up the healing process of torn muscles and joint pains. *Natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.
*Increases blood flow by directly increasing the rate&strength of the heart beat.
*Increases the growth rate of the developing brain cells in the fetus. *Increases the growth rate of young children.
*Plays a major roll in thought patterns, sexual function and sleep.
*Regulates and calms the central nervous system.
Regulates menstrual cycle.
*Controls cholesterol levels.
*Promotes regular thyroid function.
*Safe and great for pregnant women
*High in natural Iron

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