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Agate (All types): Protection, good luck, balance body/mind/spirit, perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awaken talents. Healing lore: Insomnia, teeth, gums, stomach problems, stamina, insomnia. Ajoite: Peace, harmony, heal old emotional wounds, sorrow, anger, fear, connect with Higher Self, meditation, remove and release negative energies, transformation. Healing lore: Powerful healing booster. Amazonite: Integrity, success, joy, honor, creativity, self-esteem, calming, stress, self- destructive behaviors, psychic abilities. Healing lore: preventive, general health, heart problems, muscles, nervous system, tooth decay, osteoporosis. Amber: Soothing, calming, cleansing, remove toxins, wisdom, purifying, intellect. Healing lore: Purify body, remove toxins, addictions, alcoholism, stress and anxiety related problems, poison, bone problems,...

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