Benefits of Tongkat Ali (Mens Libido Booster)

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Tongkat Ali is one of the natural herbs that has been successfully proven by scientists to regulate the testosterone hormone in both men and women in recent years. Testosterone is one of the key hormones in our body that is associated with masculinity, energy, mood, stamina, libido and overall general health. Therefore, both men and women can gain similar advantages by restoring testosterone levels. In fact, testosterone is responsible for so many functions in our body. As we age, the testosterone levels drop in both men and women, more so after 35 years with testosterone levels being only 40-50% of youthful levels at 60 years of age. 

Tongkat Ali is classified by herbalists as an adaptogen and anabolic. Tongkat Ali has been touted to be the best natural remedy next to Viagra. It supports healthy male reproductive function and normal fertility, including sperm motility, semen production, libido, erectile function, normal testosterone levels and function. It also promotes muscle strength and stamina. The mechanism works by regulating testosterone hormone that is responsible for sexual organs functions and libido. Tongkat Ali has shown significant improvement in sperm motility and erection time for men. Other names for tongkat ali include Eurycoma longifolia Jack, longjack, long jack, payung ali, Malaysian ginseng, tung saw, umpudumaidu, and wonod mondou..

Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

  • Increases the Production of Testosterone
  • Increase Sperm Count, Viability and Motility
  • Enhance Erectile Function & Sexual Performance 
  • Improves Sexual Health & Libido
  • Improve Strength, Muscle & Physical Activities
  • Stimulate Loss of Weight & Body Fat
  • Support Athletic Performance
  • Reduce Stress, Anger & Improve Mood
  • Support Reproductive Function
  • Enhancing the Immune System
  • Potentially Reduce Blood Sugar Level
  • Reduction in Blood Pressure
  • Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial and Parasitic Agent
  • Support Healthy Aging

Tongkat Ali is widely used as a pre-workout drink by athletes and sports professionals in recent years as a safe replacement compared to steroids. The health benefits of Tongkat Ali amongst sports and fitness communities enable a remarkable increase in performance-related activities – notably in muscle growth and strength. Anabolic processes that happen in our body enables growth and mineralization of bone and increases in muscle mass. Tongkat Ali is highly anabolic and contains a high level of protein. Earlier discovery by scientists showed how Tongkat Ali consumption has successfully resulted in increased muscle mass in active healthy adults. Yes, no Tongkat Ali benefits men and women when it comes to building muscle mass.

Tongkat Ali is proven by scientists to reduce anger, tension and confusion – factors that influence your mood and stress levels. The benefit of Tongkat Ali in this area helps busy professionals or those who are experiencing depression or stressful situations. Our immune system protects our body from virus and bacteria. The immune system is complex and early research on Tongkat Ali showed promising results to boost our immune system.

Tongkat ali’s potential to increase testosterone in men with low levels of this primary sex hormone is well known and well documented. Low testosterone can result from aging, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, some medications, injury or infection of the testicles, and certain diseases, such as chronic alcoholism and obstructive sleep apnea. Effects of inadequate testosterone levels include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, infertility. Since compounds in tongkat ali may boost low testosterone, it could treat these issues.

A 1-month study in 76 older men with low testosterone found that taking 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day significantly increased levels of this hormone to normal values in over 90% of participants. Studies in humans show that taking tongkat ali stimulates sexual arousal and may improve erectile dysfunction in men. Finally, tongkat ali may improve sperm motility and concentration. One study in 75 male partners of couples with infertility found that taking 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day significantly improved sperm concentration and motility after 3 months. The treatment helped over 14% of couples become pregnant. Similarly, a 12-week study in 108 men ages 30–55 observed that taking 300 mg of tongkat ali extract daily increased sperm volume and motility by an average of 18% and 44%, respectively.

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