Ladies You Do Not Pee From Your Vagina

Ladies you do not pee from your vagina. I get so many ladies calling and emailing me asking can you pee while using the #yonidetoxpearls the answer is yes because urine comes from your #urethra not your #vagina Ask your female friends where does #urine come from?

So where do women #pee from?
The part of the body where women pee from is called the urethra. The urethral opening is the hole that is below the #clitoris and above the #vaginal opening, in the area between the labia minora that’s called the vestibule. A lot of women don’t know which part of their bodies pee comes from. Many assume they pee from their vagina, but that’s not true.

The urethra is a hollow tube, consisting of three layers, that connects the urinary bladder and urinary meatus and carries urine from the bladder out of the body. Because the urethra is relatively short (about 4–5 centimeters), microbes can get into the urinary tract through the urethra and cause infections. Improper hygiene, frequent unprotected sexual activity, multiple sexual partners, using methods of birth control such as diaphragms and/or spermicides, and conditions that compromise the immune system are all risk factors for urinary tract infections.

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