Empress Organics Feminine Spray

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Empress Organics All-natural, Vegan feminine spray is crafted with organic plant-based ingredients. Our vaginal spray has Organic ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy PH Balance, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections.

*PH Balanced Formula
*Controls Odor
*Chemical Free
*No Paraben
*No Artificial Fragrance

GMO free• Propylene Glycol free• Dye free

Empress Organics Feminine spray gives you a boost of confidence that will work all day long. Our cleansing spray is made with organic aloe and pure essential oils that soothes, eliminates bad odor and keep bad bacteria away. Empress Organics feminine spray absorbs moisture and neutralize odors while keeping you fresh and your PH balanced. This feminine spray is made without harsh chemicals and has anti fungal properties that reduce infection symptoms and discomfort caused by Bacteria Vaginosis or Yeast Infections. Our feminine spray penetrates deep into the skin killing odor causing bacteria while leaving you fresh and clean.

Intended to be used on the external vagina though it can be used as an under arm deodorant also. Suitable for all skin types. Satisfaction guaranteed! For the perfect combo, pair with our Feminine washes!

Empress Organics Feminine Spray is made with organic aloe, lavender, tea tree & coconut oil. Our gentle formula keeps you PH balanced, eliminates odor and bad bacteria while leaving you clean & fresh.

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